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Who are we?

Halki is a company established in 2013 and dedicated to the digitalisation of tourism. It is a part of Happy Tours, one of the leading European inbound tour operators, that has been in business for more than 20 years.

Why choose us?

As an IT company coming from within tourism we understand the needs of various stakeholders: national and regional tourist boards as well as tour operators and travel agents, individual accommodation, activity and other tourist providers. We design reservation systems and portals which connect and support their integration.

A pledge for the future

Happy Tours as a group pledges to become a sustainable company and have signed Tourism Declares manifesto as the first European inbound operator doing so. Similarly Halki’s aim is to fasten the move to a carbon neutral society in the whole of the travel industry by providing support for others through our purposely built software.

The Story of Digitalisation of Tourism

Since early days of the Internet, tourism has come a long way. It has reached the point when now more than 80% of all touristic activities are sold online. Are you a part of it? And are you participating in the best possible way?

Reservation Platform builder like no other

Reservation platforms built by Halki are currently being used alongside the promotion of a national tourist board campaign. At the same time we are partnering with a number of regional tourist boards as well as individual travel agents and tour operators, accommodation and activity providers and others.

On the brink of Innovation

We are constantly developing and adapting our products. Being the first reservation system to develop the measuring and offsetting of carbon imprint, we are building AI into the system, conducting marketing campaigns and adapting intuitive solutions.

Future in accommodation and experiences booking

Reservation platform allows you to upgrade your offer and gather all the accommodation and experiences you want to present, including hotels, apartments, tourist farms, glamping, villas and all one-day and multi-day experiences and activities.

Halki is developing perfect solutions for the travel industry.

  • TOURISM DESTINATIONS (national, regional and local, as well as association connecting various providers). We are providing a perfect solution to unite their area’s suppliers and offer them under one roof.
  • TRAVEL AGENTS, TOUR OPERATORS and other TRAVEL COMPANIES who want to offer their products online – be it accommodation or activity or combined package proposals.
  • ACCOMMODATION and ACTIVITY providers who can offer their own products and integrate them into their websites easily.

What’s in it for various parts of tourism

Benefits for Destinations

  • Representing your complete offer
  • Gaining competitive advantage over other destinations
  • Stimulating and connecting local economy
  • Satisfaction of local tourism providers

Advantages for providers of tourist products

  • You can display your complete offer in a safe environment and without high upfront costs
  • Avoid paying high commissions through other online travel agents

Advantages for guests

  • Comprehensive service (guests receive information, offer and reservation in one place)
  • Possibility of immediate reservation
  • Booking directly at the source
  • When booking accommodation, system offers them also nearby experiences and vice versa

More reasons to choose Halki reservation system

Connectivity with channel manager

Please contact our channel manager, who will give you more information in regards to your whishes or even,

who will direct you to the right service, you are looking for.

Please contact us via:

Option to recommend selected products

Option to recommend selected products.

Display of availability in the calendar

Display of availability in the calendar.





Mobile friendly


As from these days, you can do many things out of your mobile phone: Halki system is mobile friendly and available also as an app.

Download Halki sistem or contact us:

Friendly supplier and supervison panel

What is H. Trust? H trust is a list of providers with which we are working regullary and from which we are recieving positive feedbacks from our customers. We are checking the financial stability, activites, customer satisfaction ...

Please contact us via:

Instant & secure payment processing

You can trust us. Many times, an offer is simply to good to be true. But, our »couriosity« or the wish is sometime to strong to resist it. If you have an offer, you simply can not not resist and you want to be sure, it is ligit, contact us. We will check the provider and even, we can make a payment for you. Please contact us via:

All in one place

For provider and users: If you are interesting in full support from (reservation, transport, activity, visas ...). Halki reservations system (all in one place) allows you to get dedicated person, who will work on your project. Dedicated person will arrange varous connection and be the one who you can constantly be in  touch. Please contact us via:

Combining accommodation and experiences

A true experience is not the one, you see on video or hear about it but the one you realy try it for yourselfe. With Halki reservation system, you can set your wishes by sending as back, what you would you like to do (e.g. Riding e-bike in the woods,  reading a book in the cottage, having a lunch in hot baloon ... ) Please contact us via:

On- Request

On- Request


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The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Digital Marketing Voucher for the website, online store, reservation platform and mobile application project.